Thursday, May 29, 2014

As they come

When something or someplace gets too big
sometimes people tend to forget their beginnings
and how to stay grateful
for those moments will slip by when we don't cherish it
breathe it in and just be 

Strangely how this place I am leaving makes me feel sad,
in a good way.... it genuinely means I made some good friends
some more interesting than others,
and some, just plain abnormal. 
Like a switch, they go on and off. 

Will only have a day of rest
before commencing work at my new place next Monday
and this entire weekend is for errands,
bill payments, catch up with my boys 
a great round of mahjong and more RUNNING MAN
in a variety show gameland where the men rules
and superbly funny yet like the normal dude
gentlemanly only to selected girls. Haha! 

Friday, May 23, 2014

A month and many changes

Almost an entire month has passed,
so many changes have taken place,
mostly good ones. 

I will in fact do the China Posting Part 2 only this weekend.

With all the photos.
A new friend I had lunch with recently kept saying

I say, its a guy thing
but sure, pictures will fill these pages soon! 

I have had the privilege of meeting many people whom I can call Friends
and I intend to keep in close contact with them. 
Just needs time and effort, that's all. 
I truly am happy that the best thing that has taken place
was the normal nice persons I met during my almost 1 year stint
thou my dear Godsis would insist that its not counted as close to a year, oh well. 

I have had an interesting situation occurring recently
Someone who had similar wavelength crossed paths, 
came into my life, very sweet fella, think he makes a thoughtful bf one day,
i declared openly that I am married,
would never deny that fact,
but, some little part of me, 
did enjoy the attention (while it lasted)
and then it all comes one full circle, nothing happened,
not that I wish for something to happen either,
I am a good girl that way, traditional, hold onto some old world values
and am matronly to an extent. (Nope, I am not aging, just stating my belief system)

After the entire fanfare has died down,
and upon closer reflection of my heart's inner linings and secret thoughts,
I can safely say, I give in to LOVE, like it touches me and the lil' nice acts,
no matter how random or small, or subtle, really reaches out to me,
I am NOT a sucker for such, but I do notice if you are thoughtful,
or gentlemanly, or care sincerely. Those acts, thoughts . . . Matter. 

And I do somehow, reach out and care for the underdog, 
I am not saying the fella I married is an underdog,
please do not be mistaken, he isn't... he maybe an AH PEK at heart
But he is No Underdog. Haha. 

So besides thoughfulness, I seem to like a certain type,
seems to me, after being badly burnt by Mr Handsome Big Eyes years back,
I have a softer spot for the Korean Look alike male these days.
Guys with small eyes are just that much more appealing. 
Blame it on the show - RUNNING MAN,  
I am hankering after Kang Gary and Kim Jook Kook now. 
Oops! And for vastly different reasons. LOL
Point is, they all stay in shape.

But let's get back to this someone whom I crossed paths with,
let's call him Y. 
He is quirky, like his passion and motivation for me is like the passing showers,
can i ever describe feelings this way? 
Sounds strange right? Exactly.... he makes me feel like that. 
Like one moment, he gets all riled up and motivated and all 'Boyfriend' mode on me
and then shortly after, drops me like a hot potato. 
He would literally drop everything at one point, just to come and cheer me up,
that was sincerity on a plate,
and that day, I was moved, like, I told myself, this fella, really is a keeper, as a friend.
Not that all the actions he does or say matter since I am officially off the market, 
just that, this tactic, if he so employs while woo-ing a girl,
won't work. 

And yes, being together with someone for too long, 
married or dating, well, you will take each other for granted... 
U can only make the effort to keep things fresh and going,
as much as you can. 
Best thing to do, find something u guys enjoy doing together,
and have a common pool of friends who know u as a couple 
so that the ebb and flow of things be kept dynamic.

As for Y.... Well, one cannot just get too intense or too slack 
BALANCE is the key, playing your cards right 
will ultimately win you, YOUR SPOUSE. 
Oh well... but that's another story for another day. 
I am so looking forward to starting a fresh page with a great new paycheck! 

and more so for Family, Love, Acceptance and People who truly Appreciate Me! 

In His Service, R

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Blow by Blow and Lowdown on Shenzhen, Guangzhou and HK (Part 1)

Hello... I am back! 
Ok, I got to put a disclaimer first, coz someone requested loads of photos
I got those photos but I am too tired from packing and washing the clothes
to upload, I promise to do so by tomorrow or latest Thurs k? And my legs hurt, still.
THIS POST IS SUPER LONG... Got to split into parts, here is PART 1. 

My legs hurt from walking so much, 
felt like I flew to China to take part in some race man, 
it was draining but fun, and eye-opening at how organised the Chinese are!

What Singaporeans can do, the PRC in China, can certainly do BETTER! 
No kidding!!! 
Our edge remains as effectively bilingual individuals,
that's probably the main selling point we have over our Asian counterparts, till date.

When I spotted Chinese Text and could read them,
be it in Shenzhen, Guangzhou or HK,
I would be doing a flip or somersault or fireworks would go off in my head. 
Like YAY, I did not let my Chinese teacher, Ms Yip and my tutor down. 
(Thanks Ma for the tuition!!! Haha...)

We flew in with tiger air
(yes, I told a friend that i have not take SQ before, shocking eh? Me too. I am shocked, but soon, at the rate I am travelling, every two months this year, I am sure that will happen soon!!!) 
Flight took off in the evening, 
I went for a facial appointment prior my flight to preen myself
afterall, it was a work trip for my hubs and a half and half for me,
I went there with an open mind to look for opportunities hopefully
I can uncover suitable products to trade in SG... 
haha, so i had to look the part of a potential Boss, 
I even printed name cards for me-self. 
Managed to munch a Mac Burger before flight and landed after midnight
it was a mere 3.5hours... and Shenzhen was impressive!
The airport had LED lights that were scattered on the HUGEASS ceiling of the airport
and they looked like a zillion stars... pretty!
(yes, I can feel you nagging, where are the photos?) akan datang.... 

Transport was organised, neat, comfortable... cab drivers were a dream
except you got to speak rather good Chinese for them to understand you,
saw some Ang Mohs haggling with a small group of PRC private cab drivers over pricing
and how cute the broken English sounded
PRC: " How muchhhiieee?" 
AngMoh: "40 Dollars for 3 of us to town"
PRC: "How... How how? How muchhiiieee dollars?" 
At this point, I was hysterical, yes, i got a low threshold for jokes, 
I laugh very easily, laughter is literally free and a smile brightens any face! 
Ang Moh: *started hollering* "I just said 40 DOLLLLLARRSSSS for THREE of us!!!"  
PRC: "Whattt? 40 dollars?!!!" PRC started discussing with his buddy nearby before replying "NO, TOO CHEAP, 100 DOLLARS OK? Ok we go now!" 
Ang Moh: "WHAT? 100 Dollars!!???" 
PRC went at him like a charging bull and placed his face in front of the Ang Moh.. 
"HOW HOW? Price Ok? 100 Dollars Cheap, you can pay, very cheap to you Yankees...!!" 
AngMoh: "I am not a Yankee and ..." his voice drowned out before I could hear the end of this banter. So fun! Pure entertainment for a flight that landed around 1am. 

And it is nice for a change to see the stereotype befalling the White Man
that all Whites are Americans... 
like how most Whites assume all Chinese 
descend from Bruce Lee and can do Kungfu. 

The next two days in Shenzhen was spent at a supplier's factory 
we saw some cool machines that were high tech with RFID, chips etc and decently cool 
spoke to the sales, engineering and marketing persons,
I really can click with them, I would love to think my Chinese sucks,
like a potato trying to be rice... aha! But they kept talking to me 
and only spoke to my hubs on the technical aspects.. 
machiam I am literally working for my hubs. 
Did you know, when they heard we were meeting them that morning, 
they prepare the conference room with 4 platters of fresh fruits! 
Like in SG, you sometimes don't even get water,
they serve you and heap you with fruits (so healthy!)
and different drinks for your picking. (Blown away!!!!!!)

They hosted us to great food during lunch (yes lar, photos will come!!!) 
and every meal was at a restaurant 
it was GLORIOUS! 
Like Taste Paradise, Min Jiang, Cherry Garden and Wah Lok kind of standard
Decor was avant garde and majestically chic! 
Crystal walls, gold finishings, chandeliers and opulent plush velvety chairs!!! 
Another restaurant looked decadent and very expensive
The Chinese really know how to 'LIVE IT UP!' 
I am so glad to be Chinese. 
To them, I was seen as a triple threat as I can speak English, Mandarin and Cantonese
but save for English, the rest is like a half pail of water, bahhh.... 

Anyways, Shenzhen will be a city i wish to explore more
I really enjoyed Shenzhen so much,
their "SIM LIM SQUARE" is like ours except 
that they have 20 such Buildings of Sim Lim Sq
I never seen more men shopping and buying their guts out
I had to explore the frenzy.. observing the frenzy was magical.
Never seen men shopped like there is no tomorrow before.
My eyes nearly popped after my fifth building,
coz each building had 10 floors to comb thru. 
It was a friggin' GREAT SINGAPORE WORKOUT 101 man... 
training for what's to come. 
Cables, plugs, components, Xbox, laptops, mobile phones, chargers,
TV set top boxes, every single electronic and IT gadget in the WORLD 
is there, everything and anything electronic you can dream of, is there too!!!
I am so happy to be Chinese. Dam proud of my roots!

The hotel was good too. Old but acceptable, I cannot recall the name,
too hard to remember... but it was at HUA QIANG TRAIN STATION
Shenzhen sealed the deal for me when the cab driver informed me
that a shopping haven, similar to Bugis Village but multiply it by tenfold 
can be found at LAO JIE FANG STATION,
I made it my mission to go there, 
even if it meant my legs had to break from all that walking
and I got lost... in every sense of the word. 
Did not know where to start, so many alleys, turns, corners, basements... 
I think, we CHINESE are very 'KUA ZHANG' folks.. 
if want something, we go all the way, if not, don't do. 

I was every word you can associate HAPPINESS WITH. 
Gleeful, Happy, Overjoyed, Excited, Overwhelmed.. 
you get the picture? 
Basking, soaking in the sights, colors, sounds and smells... 
INSPIRING! That night, i crashed into bed like a dead log. 
Walked so much... Ate so little, like some weight loss regime. 
But very very UBER HAPPY!!! I saw stars. :) 
My hubs was a trooper, did not complain (much),
he just walked and helped me with my things
coz I shopped. Haha! Yay!
The next day, we headed to Guangzhou. 

Where cantonese originated from 
and the people are way too rude and curt 
and the food, according to the hubs, is unrefined (I concur) 
even the Chee Chong Fun dim sum was untidy. 
No idea how to eat man... was a plate of mess. Pppfffttt.. 

Side track... 13 years back, when i met Daniel (my hubs),
he did not have much standard when it comes to food
or how it is presented .. slowly, i trained him
to taste his food, enjoy the presentation and food art. 
Today, I kinda regret it (hahahahaha!) he can be too picky
even when it comes to my cooking, 
and I am one of the best chefs in the entire family (his side and my side combined)
yet, he can say, not enough salt, or too bland or why all the colors look the same..
I mean, everyday after work, I still got to come back and try to cook
and you want MasterChef standard, aiyo, facepalm can?? 
Maybe weekends then MasterChef appear. 

We went to the  
It was massive. Beyond massive. It was a nightmare to walk.
You don't know massive till you have seen China's exhibitions!
And that was on top of the crazy walking I did in Shenzhen already... 
My soul man was like.. "Die, die, sure mati one. How to survive?" 
Daniel was flabbergasted, jaw dropped and small eyes opened to the max
and he said, "Dear... why so many people one?" 
I was like, "Come on, let's do this, you have gone thru enough NATAS Fairs with me when i worked, we can do it!" 
So I had a simple plan, we comb the circumference then zigzag our way inside to the middle before moving to the next hall. 
IMAGINE A SINGLE SINGAPORE EXPO HALL and multiply that by 16 Halls. 
Yups... that was the scale of the Fair we originally wanted to cover. 
But we gave up after 3 Halls, as their one Hall is 
already double a singular Singapore Expo Hall.
My flats gave way, I had to buy new sandals. 

My legs are still tired and painful from all that walking. 
We shall continue tomorrow.... Nights!!! 

Sleepy Ruth